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SEA SAVON shampoo & body wash was developed especially for use in saltwater, hard water and other occasions when standard soaps won't do!

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For 30 years Sea Savon has been the Shampoo and Body wash of choice when you have only saltwater available to cleanse with or you want to conserve your fresh water. It is a great Sport Wash!

Sea Savon has protective emollients and is
Sea Savon does not contain soap of any kind. It produces a rich lather which lifts away the dirt and salt leaving your hair and body feeling like you cleansed in fresh water.

Sea Savon was developed especially for use in salt water, hard water and other occasions when standard soaps just won't do!

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"Loved the shampoo. Received the shampoo with lightening fast and efficient shipping. Superb customer service. Item was packaged well."

"Excellent product. Leaves your skin smooth even though you are bathing in salt water. amazing! "