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What is Sea Savon shampoo?
Sea Savon is shampoo that is meant to be used in saltwater. It is effective with salt water for shampooing, showering and bathing. It will leave you feeling like you cleansed in fresh water.

Is it made with saltwater?
Sea Savon is not made with saltwater, it is to be used in salt water, hard water or any water where regular shampoo and soap won't lather. Sea Savon produces a thick lather in all types of water.

How does Sea Savon work?
Sea Savon does not contain soap in any form. Soap is made from fats or oils and caustic soda. It works well in soft water, but in water containing any quantity of mineral salts (hard water) it has two distinct disadvantages: it will not produce the lather needed to properly wash away dirt particles; and it leaves annoying curds and residues that will not rinse away. Sea Savon contains emollients which penetrate hair and skin to give long-lasting protection against the parching effects of salt and sun.

Can I sell Sea Savon in my store?
Yes! Click on our Distribution link to learn how you can carry Sea Savon in your store.